Slender (Game) Review and Strategy

Synopsis- Slender is a free indie-horror game based on the mythical creature Slender Man, a tall, faceless man in a plain black suit. According to legend, he can stretch his arms to incredible lengths and has tentacles that protrude from his back. The object of the game is to collect 8 pieces of paper scattered around a forest randomly at 10 points of interest, all while being pursued by Slender Man. If he catches you, the game is over.

Title Screen for Slender

Review- Before we dive into this game, let me just say that I am a fan of survival horror games; Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, Dead SpaceLeft 4 Dead, Bioshock, etc. It’s also worth noting that I’m a huge scaredy-cat. Kind of ironic. And though I’m easily scared, none of the games mentioned above have really scared me to the point of having to turn off the system or catch my breath (though they’ve had their moments). Until my friends showed me Slender. This is by far the most frightening game I’ve ever played. I’m not sure that’s saying much, but hear me out. The overall atmosphere of the game is just terrifying. You’re alone in the woods with only a flashlight (which eventually runs out), constantly being chased by this creature, and having now way to fight back. All you can do is run, and you can’t even run that long before becoming tired. And on top of all that, as you progress, the game gets harder and harder as Slender Man becomes more relentless in his pursuit, making it near impossible to beat. As for jump scares, they are both scarce and around every turn. Literally. For the most part Slender Man is almost always following behind you, and if you turn to face him at a close enough proximity, a terrifying piano chord plays and the screen fills up with static. As if that isn’t bad enough, he can also teleport at what seems like random anywhere in the map, increasing the difficulty. Speaking of difficulty, let’s take a look at how you lose. If you look at him too long, you go insane and lose. If he gets too close to you, you lose. And even if you get all eight pages and “win” , he still catches you, so you lose! While this game can’t really be called fun, it certainly is entertaining, especially with friends. This is a unique experience. Horrifying, yes, but definitely worth at least one play.

Final Score- 4/5 

You can download all versions of Slender here-

Strategy- You can probably find a guide online by now, but when me and my buds started this game, we had nothing. We figured out the rules, we drew out our own map, we did everything by ourselves. So I’m gonna share a little bit of our wisdom and hope you can use it to its fullest.

Slender Man-

-Slender Man will start his pursuit after you pick up the first page -or- after 5 minutes pass.

-Each time a page is picked up, Slender Man will become faster, more relentless, and will be more likely to teleport.

-If Slender Man is in your field of vision, he will not move. However, the screen will fill with static, and you will lose after a short time.

-If you are facing Slender Man but he is out of you field of vision (behind a wall or tree), he will not move  and the screen will remain static free.

-If you move too far away from Slender Man, he will teleport.

-Slender Man will usually teleport behind you, though it is possible for him to teleport in front of you. This seems more likely if you have more pages.

-If Slender Man is near you when he teleports, the screen will flash with static briefly.

-If Slender Man is near you but not in your field of vision, faint static can be heard. Don’t mistake the sound for running water, it is him!

-This is only a theory, but we have reason to believe that Slender Man enters the map from the upper left corner, near the Trucks (See map below).

The Environment-

This map is not correct. Only about 60% right. Some details are incorrect and it is proportioned wrong. However, it was the best map I could find and all the POIs are relatively correctly placed.

-There are 8 total pages and 10 total Points of Interest. That means there will always be two Points with no Pages.

-The Page placement is random every time.

That’s all we have figured out at the moment. We beat the game once, and that’s good enough for us. Hope you can conquer this “game” too.


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  1. A good strategy I managed to think of is: Start looking in the center, where the bathrooms and rusted tankers are. Those are the most difficult, especially if you have some pages. If you manage to find a page or two, take the closest path to the outside of the circle, and follow the path.

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